Project Description

January 2013

With my wedding less than 7 months away, I had got really into eating clean; hitting personal training and generally attempting to live a healthy as possible lifestyle. I absolutely needed to- I had fat to obliterate, and muscles to tone and build!!

My clean eating mindset, and my love of food blogging, had me reading paleo diet literature until it was literally coming out of my eye balls. My obsession with paleo had my food cupboards revamped, and a completely different  dinner eating programme implemented in my kitchen.

A common theme contained in all the paleo diet literature I was consuming, (pardon the pun) was this American, hard core style workout thing…… ‘Crossfit……. ‘

At this time I was a member of a gym, and was working out around 4 times a week; one day with a personal trainer.

Me, being the curious person I am, decided to do some investigative work, and find out what this “Crossfit” business was…. I googled Crossfit, and could see from the ample blogs, and webpages firstly that this Crossfit thing was massive, and secondly, that this hardcore style work out session looked different, looked interested, and looked right up my street.

At the gym, I was feeling pretty bored. I was constantly clock watching when I did my spinning and body pump sessions, and to be frank having a PT on top of gym membership, especially when hemorrhaging money for a wedding, was becoming pretty expensive!

March 2013

I asked my personal trainer about Crossfit. My personal trainer, was fantastic, and she was in amazing shape herself. She was really honest, and said that she absolutely loved Crossfit, and often went to Crossfit herself. She described that some of the high intensity sessions that we were doing would be similar to Crossfit; she explained there would be weightlifting, gymnastics and a real community element involved.

For a few weeks I toyed with the idea of going along to Crossfit. Would it be too hard for me? Would it be intimidating? Did I want to say bye bye to my home comforts of the gym swimming pool (which I never went into- not once in a whole year.)

Ultimately I wanted results, I wanted results fast, I wanted to save some cash, and finally and most importantly, I wanted to get into the best shape EVER. If anything was going to give me abs, based on my discussions with my PT, and based on what I could see on the internet, Crossfit would be it.


Bruised legs from my “beginners”technique

April May 2013

Starting Crossfit

It was pretty scary rocking up to Crossfit by myself….. My local Crossfit gym, or ‘box’ as they call it, is situated in a warehouse in an industrial estate a couple of miles away from my house. Well kitted out, it’s a complete contrasted to my previous health club gym.

In the trial session, I was made to feel really welcome, and I can confirm, that upon finishing the first session, I felt that I had absolutely been smashed into the ground. (That’s a good feeling isn’t it.)

I had been worked harded than I have been worked for a very long time; it was harder that some of my most intense personal training sessions, and the session itself was real fun.

From the first session, Pete one of the owners of CrossfitHG3 made it clear how different Crossfit is to typical gym sessions. He explained how even though classes are groups of 12 maximum, everyone gets personal attention, and he knows each and every Crossfit member by name.

From the first class, I established a few things:-

  • This Crossfit thing was pretty tough, and pretty hardcore.
  • Everyone working out there was pretty hardcore!
  • You got to practice handstands!!! Amazing- this was definately a selling point for me!
  • All members looked really fit, really energised, and they were a pretty friendly bunch.

One of my favourite things about Crossfit is the way the sessions incentives and motivate you to do well, and get the best out of your workout. Cool tricks, like writing your score on a white board; making you book in, and sad faces of the board posted to facebook, (in the event you book in and miss your class) mean that for lazy bums like me, you are a little more incentivised.

In and amongst planning my wedding, hen do, and honeymoon, I have managed to fit in a good few Crossfit sessions. I have  built strength and can feel and see my figure changing. I am feeling strong, motivated and energised.

Would I return to a “normal gym” ? Absolutely no way. My experience of Crossfit has been fantastic.

Over the past few months, I have practiced weightlifting moves, and although my legs are battered and bruised, I am getting closer to having developed a reasonably acceptable Power Clean! (My coaches at crossfit may argue otherwise! Haha!)

Karen, of Crossfit Hg3 has been amazing, not only has she given me loads of advice on important issue such as “wrist straps” for weightlifting, she has spent a lot of time with me giving me tips on how to “kip” and attempt to build the strength and techniques to do “Kipling pull ups!” If you’re based in Harrogate or the North Yorkshire area, I’d strongly recommend going along and getting involved at CrossfitHG3.

My first pair of wrist wraps

JULY 2013

My journey and beyond

Over the next 6 months moving forward, I want to keep up my Crossfit attendance, and endeavour to get to classes between 4 and 5 days a week.

its going to be difficult to fit in with work commitments, but I am confident I can keep motivated, I am hard working, and really want to get those Abs! hahah!

My goals over the next 6months include:-

1. I want to be able to complete WODs of pull ups, unassisted.

2. I want to do handstand press- ups and generally get really strong!

3. I don’t want any bruises on my legs when I do cleans!

4. I want to record all my one rep maxs, and show how I have progressed over 6 months.

5. KIPPING PULL UPS- these look awesome! I want to be able to do this!!!

Hopefully eating clean, putting in hard work, and meeting my attendance goals will enable me to realise these goals!

Watch this space!!!