Project Description

Tuesday I returned from my honeymoon! I am now a married woman. Travelling through the South of France was amazing, so was the helicopter back to the airport. One small problem with honeymooning in the South of France, is the wine, the pastries and the delicious rich food. 

I have returned home around half a stone heavier; as such, the regime has been regimented and tough this week. 


Breakfast has been a freshly squeezed juice (mainly veggies) plus Ultimate Green Powder. 2 fish oils and a multi vitamin. lunch has been a healthy salad, with good fats and fish protein. Dinner post crossfit has been healthy salads with chicken or lean meat. 

I wanted to share with you some photo inspirations for healthy delicious dinners. 

Let the images do the talking. If you would like any specific recipe advice, simply comment, and I will make sure I send the recipe over to you! 

Simple chicken, mango salad, and paleo coleslaw



Paleo courgette spaghetti with meatballs and chicken

Crispy almond chicken with cucumber salad


Hope you have enjoyed looking at this food inspiration. All recipes take less than 30 minutes to the paleo plate. 


There is no excuse for boring, bland food!