My Paleo Story

In my early 20’s, I had a couple of extra pounds to lose. I was desperate to be like my skinny friends and fit into those size 8 jeans.

I tried the cabbage soup diet, the Atkins diet, Dukan, I’ve even tried the diet favored by Beyoncé, lose 10lb in 1 week with the lemonade diet. Drinking lemon and cayenne pepper water all week isn’t great and frankly tastes disgusting.

I was a pathetic failure at all these diets. The fact is- I like eating. I like the process of cooking, I like savoring flavor, I like feeding people! Drinking shakes and taking diet pills is just no fun.

Then I discovered Clean Eating

I knew deep down fad dieting was a load of crap. It may be a quick fix, but bottom line it makes you look older, you yo-yo-diet, and you’re just really unhealthy.

I decided to do approach my diet the “proper way!”

Paleo was perfect for me, because I loved eating- and- contary to what I mentioned before, I know eating natural, ethically sourced food, is good for you, and the environment.

With paleo I could create dishes which were delicious, but which were more importantly healthy. Having followed the diet for over 5 years, I can safely say eating plenty of fresh veg, meat and lots of water works wonders for your weight, your skin, your energy levels.


In a nutshell

The paleo diet deviates from the traditional Western food pyramid; focusing on the consumption of vegetables and animal proteins (plus fish/ shellfish,) with small amounts of fruit, nuts and seeds. The paleo diet mimics the diet that our hunter-gather ancestors ate pre-agricultural revolution and advocates eating natural, clean, unprocessed foods.

The concept is in essence to eat the foods your body was naturally designed to eat. This will result in weight loss, increased energy, significant health benefits and better sleep.

What’s with the Caveman name?

The Paleo Diet– is the label people have chosen to describe people who eat real food, try where possible to by local, organic, pesticide free, non- GMO fruit and veg and eat free-range, grass-fed meat.

The term Paleo is coined from the word Paleolithic. And the “caveman” label does sounds rather faddy- but bear with me.

The “Paleolithic” theory is just a starting point.

Many of us exist on a diet of unnatural, processed food. These are causing health issues including, heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and obesity. The Paleo Concept is that our bodies were naturally designed to eat plants, meat, and seafood; foods packed the nutrients our bodies could thrive on.

Paleo isn’t about Historical Reenactment.

It’s just a really simple way of enabling us to get to grips that eating real food is best.


Meat and Fish
Good Fats
Fruit & Cocoa!


Lifestyle Choice

Paleo is a great lifestyle choice, and extends from what you eat, to lifestyle choices, such as eating local food and supporting local farming communities.

Suitable for all the Family

Paleo is simply an eating template. Once know how to cook paleo-you’ve made a massive investment into improving you and your families life.

Great for Weight, Energy and Skin!

Want to feel healthier, perform better, have more energy, feel less anxious, more positive? How about sleep better, and lose some extra pound? Paleo is the plan for you.

Lasts a Lifetime

The skills you learn last a lifetime. investing time and effort into understanding how to eat, properly, will have many benefits for years to come.

My Version of Paleo

Listen to your body

Paleo means many things to many people. Everyone is different, and what is right for one individual, may not be for another.

I recommend listening to your body, and following what feels right to you. I incorporate dairy into my diet, and occasionally eat white rice and white potatoes when I need some carbs.

What I eat

I eat 3 meals a day, sometimes snacks. I eat relatively low carb when I am wanting to slim down. when I am working out more, or feel I need more energy, I increase the carbs in my diet. I follow paleo around 85% of the time.


I love chocolate, a slice of good pizza and a bowl of pasta just as much as the next person. Love yourself, treat yourself, just take a healthy approach to eating.