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Start a Paleo Life

Start a Paleo Life

This weekend I caught up with some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time. They were very interested in hearing more about the paleo diet, and the paleo way of eating. I gave them my ‘elevator pitch’ about why paleo was great:-

  • More energized

  • Weight loss and stabilization

  • Clearer skin

  • Better health

  • Less colds and illnesses

  • Better sleep

  • Less sensitivities/ allergies

  • Anti inflammatory- and really minimizes existing conditions.

They were sold on the benefits; but a response commonly received was ” what can we actually eat on the paleo diet”

  • Meat & Fish

  • Eggs

  • Plants

  • Small amount of fruit, nuts and seeds

“But I can’t have bread, pasta, rice, not even quinoa?” They said.

Yes, but I promise you, you won’t miss them. You get your carbs from other more nutritionally beneficial veg.

I showed them these photos:-

Raw salad with Spring Lamb

Raw salad with Spring Lamb


Almond Chicken with cucumber and spring onion

And I think they were sold!

For anyone embarking on a paleo diet, you should ensure you do you proper reading and research into what the paleo diet is all about.

Reading Material

  • One of my favourite resources on paleo is Michelle Tam’s website. Here is a great article about all that is paleo
  • There are hundreds of paleo books; look at my good reads for ideas. An essential read is the Paleo Solution.
  • Nom nom Paleo have a great an app. It’s really good to have on the I-pad, and contains a wealth of invaluable information. It costs around £5.
  • Any paleo curious person should check out on of the pioneers of paleo; Mark Sisson’s website. Quite interesting to read as contains a wealth of info about why paleo is good for you.

Getting Started

  • I would recommend committing to a paleo diet for 30 days. It takes around 2 weeks to feel the effects, and 4 weeks to see real results. 30 days is a long time, but it is worth it. If you give it only a week, you won’t see results and therefore will be disappointing.
  • Banish all your bad (non paleo) foods from your cupboards. Temptation is a killer, so having crisps, sugary snacks etc around is a disaster for your good intentions. If you can’t bear banishing all your non paleo food. Box it up, and put it in different cupboard, or somewhere out of sight and difficult to reach.
  • Go shopping at the weekend. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!!! If your cupboards are stocked with healthy veg, fish and meats, you will make good choices.
  • Think about buying a slow cooker if you haven’t got one. If you both don’t like cooking that much, a slow cooker will be a godsend  as it does all the work for you. Fast meals; little effort- just throw everything in!!
  • Avoid alcohol, and drink plenty of water and herbal teas.
Burger anyone?

Burger anyone?

Shopping List

Here is a shopping list, which should keep you going for a week or so.
Ensure you follow the principles:
Meat, fish, plants, nuts and seeds!
Following the Whole30 programme for 30 days, is a great way to begin a nutritional detox. People following this plan, strictly for a month, can lose around 5kg.
Alternatively look up all the meal ideas at or comment below for specific assistance.