Project Description

I love drinking fresh juice; it gives you a vitamin shot and energy boost which I find even bulletproof coffee can’t rival!

You have to be quite careful that you juice the correct things, (i.e. more veg than fruit) or you are setting yourself up for a massive sugar hit and then crash. I like to juice in a morning, to compliment my breakfast; and I am especially partial to juices when i’m feeling under the weather.

Paleo Super Juice

Paleo Super Juice

You can juice pretty much anything, and it is great to get all those nutrients in, in one shot. Remember though folks- You should never juice as a substitute to eating real food!

Juice as much veg as you can find!!

Juice as much veg as you can find!!

Super Green Juice

All products should be organic, and washed properly.

Makes 1-2 glasses:

Wack in a juicer, add the powder after, stir and serve with ice cubes!!


Juicing Tips

If you haven’t juiced before you can pick up a half decent juicer for around £60.00 from Argos/ other online stores. You can even get self-cleaning juicers if you’re happy to splash the cash. Top tip if you are on a budget- Make sure the juicer is easy to clean. If it takes over 5 minutes to clean, I  guarantee it will sit in your cupboard gathering dust! 🙂