Banana and Chia Seed Bread

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Gluten Free// Paleo 

Recently I have been obsessed with the chia seed.

Chia pudding has become my new breakfast choice. Having consumed it pretty much every day for the last week, I have growing a little bit tired, and decided to experiment with using the versatile chia seed somewhere else in my cooking!

I had 2 very sad […]

Paleo Egg Wrap with Bacon and Avocado

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This is a really tasty, simple to make breakfast recipe. The thin, fluffy paleo egg wraps are extremely versatile and have the innate ability to work well with any filling.

What’s more they take minutes to make. A great all-rounder for keeping your breakfast and lunches interesting this New Year.

Makes 1


You will need:

2 slices of bacon
2 eggs, (whisked)
4 cherry […]

Broccoli and Mango Salad

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Hi folks! Hope you are looking forward to the weekend. This morning I was particularly hungry; I had just finished recording my Primal Talks podcast with Pete from The Naked Ape, and needed something to munch on fast!

I normally do my shopping on Sunday’s, and by Friday my fridge starts to look a bit sad. I […]

Paleo Breakfast Muffins

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Paleo Breakfast Muffins! Perfect for the weekend.
Due to popular demand on Facebook and Instagram, here is my recipe for these crispy breakfast favorites. These muffins are reserved in our house as a luxury, or breakfast treat; perfect for weekends!

Serve with crispy bacon and poached eggs; they are both filling and taste just great. Their texture is  light […]

Easy Primal Lasagna

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After weeks of eating salads and grilled food, this week I’ve been craving something hearty. Perhaps it was watching The Grand Depart all weekend, from sunny California. Seeing my beautiful county Yorkshire, and the towns I used to live in, made me so proud… They put on a spectacular show didn’t they! 

So on sunday, I […]