Banana and Chia Seed Bread

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Gluten Free// Paleo 

Recently I have been obsessed with the chia seed.

Chia pudding has become my new breakfast choice. Having consumed it pretty much every day for the last week, I have growing a little bit tired, and decided to experiment with using the versatile chia seed somewhere else in my cooking!

I had 2 very sad […]

Paleo Chocolate and Avocado Pud

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Fancy hosting a paleo dinner party?
Stuck with what to serve for dessert?
This is a delicious paleo dessert, promised to titillate the tastes of even the most un-paleo person! Test them at guessing the secret ingredient! They’ll never guess. Just make sure they have eaten then dessert fully first!

To Serve 2
You will need:

1 large ripe avocado.
1 […]